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Social Novelties & Social Sciences
A view from Moscow

“Neural art” as the subject of copyright

Social Novelties and Social Sciences № 1(1) 2021
DOI 10.31249/snss/2021.02.09
Ishutin A.V., Kosarimov S.V., Chikirca E.V. “Neural art” as the subject of copyright / English transl. by Nikulichev M.Y. // Social Novelties and Social Sciences. – Moscow : INION RAN, 2021. – № 1. – P. 110–119.


In recent years, specialized media have increasingly focused on the so–called «neural creativity» – works created by special algorithms. Digital art is becoming widespread and objects created by neural networks are not only popular but even sought after by such well-known auction houses as Christie's. However, the legal status and authorship of such «works» has not yet been determined. This survey examines Russian and foreign legislation as well as the doctrine on how copyright law should resolve the issues raised.

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