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Social Novelties & Social Sciences
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Artificial intelligence in machine translation

Social Novelties and Social Sciences № 1(1) 2021
DOI 10.31249/snss/2021.02.05
Artificial intelligence in machine translation / Kolin K.K., Khoroshilov Al-dr A., Nikitin Yu.V., Pshenichny S.I., Khoroshilov Al-ei A. / English transl. by Nikulichev M.Y. // Social Novelties and Social Sciences. – Moscow : INION. RAN, 2021. – N 2. – P. 52–65.


The potential of machine translation is closely related to advances in modeling of understanding and generating texts in natural languages, which traditionally belongs to artificial intelligence sphere. The article attempts to analyze the main approaches to developing machine translation technologies. It is concluded that these approaches so far ignore the generation and use of dynamic models of the world, but are moving mainly in the direction of a grammatically consistent translation of word sequences.

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